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I never forget where I started, which is perhaps why I see my profession as a mission.

As the son of a single mother, I had to help support the household and found myself at age 15 as a home remodeler. From there, my path was paved to be a renovation contractor responsible for renovating commercial spaces, boutique stores, banquet halls and homes all over the country.

In this framework I gained technical, practical, design and managerial experience, while providing creative solutions for each case individually, which actually sowed the seeds of my design language that I developed over the years.

So if you are dreaming of a home that makes every morning feel like you are waking up in a luxury hotel, with all the furniture, fittings, art and accessories sewn especially for you, I invite you to be part of my big family, the family of clients for whom I have been privileged to fulfill homes.

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